Rehab 1-2-1

A comprehensive unique program of rehabilitation (SARRP) consisting of 20 tailored sessions of an integrated approach to dynamic therapy delivered on a personal 1-2-1 basis in the comfort of your own home.


Total Therapy Solution's copyrighted, Self-Awareness and Regulation Rehabilitation Program (SARRP) offers a unique dynamic integrated approach to rehabilitation in recovery through 20 tailored sessions of psychological therapy. The SARRP provides you with information and new skills and strategies for managing life drawn from psychology, philosophy, psychodynamics, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness in order to achieve meaningful lasting change. The therapeutic experience and process SARRP delivers enables you to increase your self-awareness, develop your self-regulatory abilities and affect personal growth and development which is both empowering and liberating to you in achieving a higher level of self-determination.

Rehab 1-2-1

As a rehabilitation program delivered in your own home SARRP consists of 20 two hour therapy sessions which can be delivered over a flexible and negotiable period of time making it more or less intensive as required or as appropriate for you. Acceptance on to the SARRP will be through a stringent assessment process which you can refer yourself for, therefore it is essential you consider your readiness for change and be able to demonstrate your motivation and commitment as a prerequisite for engaging with the therapeutic process. You will find engaging with the SARRP on a 1-2-1 basis very challenging yet ultimately rewarding and beneficial to you as you will have the undivided attention of the facilitator, making the sessions more therapeutic for you as opposed to a group setting.

Summary of Sessions

Each session is uniquely designed to create a narrative as you progress through the program, initially you will not find the sessions too taxing as they address issues of risk management, harm minimisation and identify your aims and expectations of what you hope to achieve through completing the program. However, as you progress you will find that you are increasingly challenged to identify and address more difficult and problematic issues from your life experiences as well as the beliefs and perceptions you have of yourself. Although you may find this process difficult and uncomfortable to do as you face issues and realities you have otherwise avoided up to now, by facing and overcoming these things is where you will make significant personal growth and development on your journey to meaningful and lasting change.

Increased self-awareness of problematic thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours related to troublesome and traumatic life events

Develop new self-regulatory skills that empower you to take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours with improved consequences and outcomes.

Make a fresh start in your life and affect meaningful lasting change with new prospects for a brighter future.


The price includes the tuition fee for the 20 two hour sessions as well as the certified workbook on completion of the SARRP. You will also have unlimited access to the Guided Meditations and Mindfulness Based Lifestyle Program to support you further as you progress through the SARRP.

SARRP Premium


20 x 2 hour psychological therapy sessions, certified workbook on completion and unlimited access to Guided Meditations and Mindfulness Based Lifestyle Program.