Guided Meditation

Guided meditation to develop the practice of deep thought or contemplation with focused attention in order to achieve conscious awareness, a calm state of mind and enlightenment.


Guided Meditation

Meditation is the practice of deep thought or contemplation with focused attention on one singular thing in order to train your conscious awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm stable state of mind where resolution or enlightenment can be discovered. As a skill to be mastered as a self-help tool or strategy meditation can be highly effective in the application of problem solving as well as a sense of improved general well-being through the ability to control your own mind, calming unhelpful and restless pervasive thoughts.

Although meditation has existed for thousands of years and its benefits widely acknowledged, most of us are still strangers to the practice of meditation and find doing so alone for the first time challenging and are unsure of whether we are doing it right. Therefore, guided meditation provides not only an introduction to the practice of meditation but also teaches you meditation as a life skill which you can take and develop yourself to nurture your well-being for years to come. There are three 30 minute unique guided meditations to choose from or choose all three and really broaden your horizons.

3 Unique Guided Meditations

Choose any one as an introduction or all three to really broaden your horizon.

Increased ability to manage and solve the problems and challenges of life from the mundane to life's bigger issues

An improved sense of general well-being and empowerment with greater confidence, self-belief and self-worth.

Greater self-awareness focused in the present resulting in higher levels of functioning and capacity to succeed.


Choose any single guided mediation title with unlimited access or choose unlimited access to all 3 titles for a reduced price and to really broaden your horizon.

Single Guided Meditation


Unlimited access to any guided meditation.

Guided Meditation Bundle


Unlimited access to all 3 guided meditations