Psychological therapeutic services

Total Therapy Solutions offers a range of products and services which can address your unique specific psychological needs if you are experiencing some form of mental distress. The products and services we offer which can support you are easily accessible and affordable either online or face to face in the comfort and security of your own home.

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Personal Growth & Development

Psychological therapy is an evidence based effective way to address mental distress ranging from feelings of sadness and fear, to experiences of loss, bereavement and trauma. Through engagement with psychological interventions you can achieve a greater sense of well-being, inner-peace and increased self-efficacy as a consequence of improved self-awareness and capacity to self-regulate.

Total Therapy Solutions offers a range of products and services from the development of self-help skills such as guided meditation and Mindfulness Based Lifestyle Program (MBLP) to auricular acupuncture, digital counselling, face to face counselling and either online or community based substance specific rehabilitation programs.

A therapeutic treatment plan designed and tailored to meet your unique specific psychological needs.

A flexible accessible and affordable service of psychological interventions available at your own convenience.

A proven track record of successful outcomes for individuals from all walks of life.


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